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Yes and Dragons

David Marino talks with award winning authors, world class improvisers, game designers, educators and more about how to make your characters and stories come alive by following the "rules" of improv theater.

Sep 18, 2018

Hello folks, just a quick note before we begin. This will be the final episode of Yes And Dragons, I want to thank my listeners and my guests. We’re going to end on a special episode, an unedited conversation with two long time friends and players of mine talking about how we have incorporated improv into our game...

Aug 28, 2018

Our guest is Kyle Coston, a veteran improv instructor and producer of D&D game night at Comicazi in Somerville MA. We talk choices, consequences and killing bartenders - never a good idea. 

With 20 years experience on the improv stage, and 30 years on both sides of the RPG table, veteran Director of Improv at...

Aug 21, 2018

David is joined by Ben Sandler, cast member of the fully improvised "Magic: The Gathering: The Show" and regular performer of the quintessential improv structure, the Harold. We talk about consequences of choices, how to use them to build your story and how to love them.


With 20 years experience on the improv stage,...

Aug 14, 2018

Host David Marino sits down with guest David Fisher, accomplished actor,  improvisor, New England theater director, and traveling GM, to discuss why in heck a brilliant improvisor would read and memorize a prefabricated adventure instead of improvising it. Hint: Both styles are excellent. 

With 20 years experience on...

Aug 7, 2018

David interviews Senda Linaugh, a fellow podcaster, game designer, writer and chief chef at the Ennie award winning blog Gnomestew. Once upon a time someone asked, "How do I tell a really good story?" Read (listen) on my friends!


With 20 years experience on the improv stage, and 30 years on both sides of the RPG...